Ways Practicing Yoga Increase your Height | Increase Height Yoga Exercise

Ways Practicing Yoga Increase your Height

Are you dissatisfied with your height? If yes, then there are a number of things you can do to resolve the problem. Blame your parents or genetics won’t be of any help.
Start by standing before a mirror and observe your own contribution to the stunted shape you have. Do you notice that forward slump? What does your shoulders look like? Are they sloped downwards? What are you doing to resolve the issue of locked knees, sagging neck, and tilted pelvis?

The Solution
Stand straight and have a look at the mirror. You will notice that you have instantly gained a couple of inches. However, you might find it extremely difficult to maintain this attitude as you are used to being lanky.

How Yoga Poses for Increase Height?
Although it isn’t possible to change genes, it may get you in the practice of carrying yourself properly. You will be able to form decent posture second nature.
The Height
Height is genetically determined (by genes). Certain types of diseases or nutritional deficiencies can hamper your growth. Bones programmed genetically to grow to a certain point and then stop. According to studies and research, it has been revealed and proved that lengthening of spine is possible through certain yoga poses.

Lengthen Body to Regain True Height
Although it isn’t possible to increase skeleton height of body, many other factors tend to contribute towards height appearance. Posture and alignment will improve and you will stand taller. So your body will be carried at its full height. Sitting at a desk all day and going home and sitting on couch again all night will force you to develop a slight spinal curvature and roundness to shoulders. The bones are usually not deformed. However, the muscles holding you erect get sloppy and stretched out to a point that the body takes up this position naturally. Since you are comfortable with this position, a slump will naturally form making you look shorter than you actually are. Yoga reverses this process to help you regain your true height. It is also very helpful in lengthening spine through some of the effective asanas.

Lengthening of Spine
Did you know yoga can actually help lengthen the spine? The core of yoga comprises of lengthening of spine and good posture. The popular ‘Mountain Pose’ requires you to stand up with hands by your sides. It makes you lift the top of your head toward the ceiling actively and pushing the soles of your feet into the floor. The pose facilitates powerful stretching out of your spine and gets you accustomed to the new erect carriage. Inverted poses will decompress your vertebrae similar to what an inversion table does.
Most asanas and poses are aimed at reinforcing good posture through movement. Breath work also plays a crucial role in the same. Strength poses and vigorous vinyasas will help you strengthen muscles that hold you in natural position of your body.

Yoga and Alignment
It is a proven fact that yoga helps with posture. Poor posture when practiced even for a while will make you fall for the bad habit to maintain sunken shoulders and slouch all the time. Many women are in a habit of standing with hips cocked. They also put their entire body weight on one foot. Some tend to tilt pelvis forward when they walk. The origination of these habits is poor posture. It also tends to decrease height visually.
Regular practice of yoga is very helpful in aligning shoulders, head, hips, and pelvis. It also helps you move within natural range of motion of your body. The body becomes stronger, more flexible, and supple. As alignment of your body improves, the spine gets stretched and posture also improves. The end result is that you stand taller, with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Apart from making you look taller, the asanas impart grace of movement.

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