Psychometric assessment for hiring: How to use this tool effectively?

With the number of job applicants increasing at a steady pace for the low number of vacancies present, it has become crucial for recruiters to make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes. It is for this reason recruiters across the globe have been using the latest technology and tools to make the recruitment process to be much smooth, simple, effective, efficient and real quick.

Using Psychometric Test

These days, organizations in huge numbers have been using different types of online assessment tools to evaluate the knowledge, capability and skill level of the potential candidates applying for the positions. Among the different tools available, one such that have gained immense popular among recruiters is the psychometric assessment.

According to reports published in the leading Human Resource Management studies, around 18% of organizations have been found to be using this process to meet their hiring needs. Moreover, with time, this number is only increasing at a fast pace @ 10% to 15% annually. The chances of the sure success of new employees are highly likely by using cognitive and personality tests. If hiring is not performed correctly, then it is likely to cause huge losses to organizations. It is possible to avoid such losses and hassles by using such evaluation tools in the recruitment process. This will help to retain and hire good talents, who will prove to be more than worthy for the organization.

Tips to optimize predictive accuracy

There are few aspects which need to be clearly understood, so as to minimize potential risks that are associated with recruitment and to maximize predictive accuracy.

  • Understand the law: If this method is planned to be used by the company’s HR department, then it is necessary to ensure that it follows the prevalent local laws. Doing some research on the web can help to throw psychometric assessment examples. Checking the local laws will be a wise idea prior to using this particular method. Some states may require the test to respect the candidates’ privacy. Hence, it should not diagnose the candidates in any manner.
  • Know business needs: In case, there is no evaluation of well-established job performance measures, then this assessment is not likely to assist. There are present providers who may offer such tests online. In case, the organization is found not to have assessment tools for quantitative measurement to check the candidates’ performance when on the job, then the correct candidate is not selected. It is here that the online evaluation portals can prove to be of great help. These portals are better used after carefully evaluating the particular requirements and needs of the business. This can be really profitable for both the candidates and the recruiter and ensure that they both flourish with time.
  • Reduce frauds: Using such online test methods will ensure that others do not represent the candidate in the test. Hence, the test will require proper monitoring by the recruiters.

Discussing with the industry professionals can help the recruiters to select the most appropriate online recruitment tool suited to their type of business.

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