Perfection for the Parcel Sending To Ukrain, What You Need to Know

The ParcelABC is one of the oldest and oldest infrastructure enterprises in the country, at all times its legal form has been modified, but the essence has remained the same – providing the population with communication services. All residents of the country at least once in their lives, but enjoyed its services, although many still do not know how to send a parcel. This is due to some reasons: a rare use of services and constantly changing the internal corporate rules of the PR. To send parcel to Ukraine the following steps are the musts for you.

Sending parcels

In this article, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions in this connection as accurately as possible.

How to send a parcel by cash on delivery, step by step instruction

What is cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery is a type of payment in which the buyer pays the parcel only when it is received at the post office. Thus, cash on delivery is essentially a money transfer system, and by and large is an indispensable element of distance trading. If it were not for the increased demand for such a method of mutual settlements from online stores and private sellers trading at large ad sites, it would not have been at all.

In order to successfully send a parcel by cash on delivery, you do not need to remember a complicated sequence of actions, in fact, everything is simple.

You choose the right packing for your package. You can do it yourself, but by the standards of the Russian Post, which you can read on the official website or buy ready-made packaging in the post office. On the packaging, be sure to write a pen with the name and address of the sender, the full name and address of the recipient, as well as the amount of the cash on delivery. That is, in essence, repeat the content of the COD.


We fill in the data on the box

Pack your parcel and fill out the form of the accompanying address and the cash on delivery form on Form 116 , which you can also take in the nearest OPS. There is nothing complicated in completing the forms, everything is intuitively clear, but for this you need to know the exact data of the recipient of the package. Enter your own and his data and indicate the amount that the recipient should pay. In case you want to receive from the addressee also the full cost of the delivery service, then simply plyusuete this amount to the price for the goods. The exact calculation of the cost of delivery by independent forces is very difficult. Of course, on the Internet there are online calculators for calculating the services of the ParcelABC. But in practice it turns out that the amount calculated by the branch employee is somewhat different with the self-calculated amount. What to do?

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