Elevator advertising – An innovative trend

It is certain that while going from one floor to another we make use of elevators, if available in that particular building. Lifts or elevators are integral parts of any building with a considerable number of floors. It is a common mode of transportation for going from one floor to another. For communicating and providing effective guidance, advertisements are held in elevators. It is important to have the full attention of the audience for providing necessary details about some brand or other vital issues. The advertisement held in lifts is for targeting a specific group of people who obviously have nothing else to get distracted by, inside the lift. The promotion or advertisement can be done using display screens on the exterior doors.

Advertisement and other vital information

Lift door advertising is an innovative and unique way to promote your brand. It is regarded as the hot new marketing trend by the international trends. The waiting time inside the lift can be long or short in accordance with the distance you are traveling. However, during this wait, one is bound to check out the advertisements in the display screens of elevators. You can get information on the newly opened local gym, the weather forecast, building emergencies and other recent exciting deals. Through this process of advertising in lifts, one may notice that the impact put on common people is significant.

Where are these seen more often?

The most common places where these lift advertising techniques are found are big shopping malls, car parking buildings, entertainment zones, sports stadiums, departmental stores and other commercial places. The purpose of an advertisement is solely fulfilled in case of shopping malls and departmental stores. They get to showcase their newly launched brands, other lucrative sales going on in the market and promote their business. Same with the departmental stores also- you can come across their exciting new offers and amazing discounts through their advertising. It is done in such a way that the whole thing seems appealing to the people.

lift display screens

New and innovative trend

Gone are the days of billboard advertisement or bus posters, the lift advertising system is the new trend. It is regarded as an ideal way to convey messages. However, one must keep a very important point in mind. The people using the lift will be there for a specific time, signs of a short span, in accordance to the relative distance that each person is traveling. While promoting a brand, or conveying exciting deals, one must see that the message is short and compact. It must have all the important information and get a clear idea of the advertisement within that short span of time only.

Intriguing advertisements

The most important factor one needs to remember while advertising is that the entire commercial must be eye-catching and intriguing. It must have the capability to captive the mind of the viewers. While returning home from a tiring shopping spree or doing groceries or even waiting for the car in the parking lot – if the customers come across the advertisement and find it entertaining or informative enough, that’s when you know that the venture is successful. Any chance you want to install lift display screens in your own office, new project or building, get the best elevator advertising agencies for the purpose.

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