An Overview of the VLSI Industry in India

Electronics and electrical devices have changed the way we live in the 21st century.  It has increased in importance in the past few decades and continues to gain significance as time goes on.  At the turn of the mid-1900s, inventions and discoveries were being made all around the world and one of them was transistors. These are semiconductors which can amplify or switch electrical power or signals.

As circuits and boards got more and more complex, one could fit more and more transistors on a chip, and the chip size also decreased considerably.  A new process came about, called Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI); this combines hundreds of thousands of devices or transistors into a single chip. The advent of VLSI came about in the 1970s when the semiconductor and transistor technology was being highly researched and developed.

Today it is present in almost every single electronically operated device or appliance. A microprocessor is also a VLSI. Before its introduction, CPU, RAM, ROM and other glue logic were placed on separate boards in an electronic circuit. VLSI enabled these to be a part of the same microchip.

When the idea for an Integrated Circuit (IC) came about, in the 1950s it was revolutionary. Gone were the days of large components and long interconnecting wires. The idea was to use a single monolith of semiconductor material to fashion the component and the semiconductor chip. As time and technology progressed, the number of devices that could be fit into a single circuit also increased over time. it went from tens to thousands, to millions and now billions of transistors on a single chip.

India is a fast developing country, which needs an infrastructure and industry which builds and markets components in the country. Importing costs are very high and unnecessary and there is skilled personnel who need a bit of training to manufacture it in India. With a rapidly increasing literacy rate of nearly 80%, it is no wonder there are many institutes and centers which are dedicated to educating the youth of India.


VLSI coaching in Bangalore

Electronics is one area where, recent developments and requirements for people to design and build them, have led to massive employment opportunities. This also creates a market for institutes that teach circuit design and VLSI training. The major cities in India have dedicated institutes that offer courses on VLSI.

VLSI training institutes in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai all offer a thorough course which helps technicians become adept experts and VLSI and later find a career in the semiconductor industry. Some institutes also offer, experts and professionals from the industry to guide and mentor students. These places also have tie-ups with companies in the semiconductor industry, which helps foster the students by giving them adequate job opportunities.

VLSI institutes in Bangalore, also run and augment new courses every year, and they offer a wide range of courses. They can vary from courses that are a few months long and helps add to your resume, or they can be longer courses which makes one an expert in VLSI design.

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